25 Fastest Wealth Creator Stocks FY 2016-17 – 490% return 4 Months

Investment in the stock market is one of the fastest ways to generate the wealth. Overnight you can become wealthy by making an investment in the stock market. Warren Buffet, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, and Ramesh Damani are some of the examples who has made a fortune and generated lot of wealth from the stock market.

It seems that the financial year 2016-2017 is wealth generator year for many investors. In last four months benchmark index Sensex has generated only 10% returns. However, few stocks have acted as a wealth creator and generated 100-490% returns in the same time frame. So, here are fastest wealth creator stocks for last 4 months.

25 Fastest Wealth Creator Stocks

The fastest wealth creator stocks of FY 2016-17 are from different sectors such as steel, agriculture, chemical, non-banking financial companies, stock broking, sugar, textile and other companies.

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Steel Mining & Minerals sector stocks

An investment of Rs.10,000 in Manaksia Industries has turned to around Rs.50,000 since the beginning of the current financial year till 30th July,2016. A stock of Manaksia Industries has generated 490% return within short time frame of four months. Apart from Manaksia Industries other stocks such as Tata Metaliks, Maithan Alloys, Shilpi Cable Technologies & Smiths & Founders has generated 340%, 247%, 255% and 304% return respectively in last four months.

Agriculture Stocks

In the agriculture space companies such as Agri-Tech and Simran farms has given very good returns 192% and 105% respectively, since the beginning of the ongoing financial year till 30th July 2016.

Chemical Stocks

In chemical sector stocks like Chemfab alkalis, Jayant Agro-organics, Vivid Global Industries and Tyche Industries has given returns in the range of 105% to 182%.

Finance and Broking Stocks

Non-banking financial companies and stock broking companies also turn out to be fastest wealth generator for the investors. Stocks like Kuber Udyog, Manappuram Finance and Fortune Financial Services gave 192%, 115% and 106% respectively, since the beginning of the ongoing financial year till 30th July 2016. Apart from that stock broking companies like prime securities, Modex international securities, Indiabulls ventures have generated returns in the range of 110 to 175%.

Sugar Stocks

Sugar stocks also turn out to be a clear-cut winner in the race.  Ugar Sugar, Rana Sugars, Riga Sugar company, Mawana Sugar and Dharani Sugars generated 239%,190%,141%,127% and 121% returns respectively in the ongoing financial year.

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Textile Stocks

Textile based stocks are also turned out to be wealth generator for the investors. Stock such as prime urban development, pasupati acrylon and GTN Industries has given 140%, 116% and 114% returns respectively, since the beginning of the ongoing financial year till 30th July 2016.

wealth creator stocks

There are many reasons for the exponential growth in these stocks and it demands lot of time and analysis. However, all these stocks proves one thing that it is possible to generate lot of wealth from the stock market in short span of time.

What are your views on these wealth creator stocks? Do you think these wealth creator stocks will give good returns in future?


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    Pl update fastest growing stocks for next 4 months

  2. Lalit says:

    Hi Raviraj,

    I am planning to buy shares of ITC, Asian Paints, Lupin. Would like to know your views on the same.

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