I lost my wallet, PAN Card, Credit card, Driving License what next?


Last Sunday I lost my wallet in a train. My wallet was containing important documents and cards like PAN card, credit card, debit card, driving license etc. It was like a nightmare. I was not worried about cash in the wallet, but more worried about my identity documents PAN card, driving license as all my personal information was at stake. Till I reach the Surat station I was thinking what next?

  • Should I file FIR?
  • How to obtain a duplicate of PAN card and driving license?
  • How to prevent my identity from fraud or criminal activities?
  • What to do to block credit card?

Well, somehow in three days I could able to complete the process pertaining to tasks mention above. So, I am here with my experience about Lost of my wallet, PAN card, and other documents.

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What to do if your wallet is lost or stolen?

(1)    Register FIR at nearest police station

First, step taken by me when I lost my wallet was to visit the nearest police station to register FIR.  The reason behind registering FIR was to keep FIR copy as a proof, in case someone uses my documents for criminal activities I am not held liable. In addition to that FIR copy is required when I apply for a duplicate copy of PAN card, Credit card or any other document.

(2)    Blocking my credit card and debit card

Block Credit Card –

The second step was to block my credit card and debit card so that no one can misuse that. I contacted customer care of bank and asked to block my credit card. I could get a number of customer care from my credit card bill.

Customer care executive asked my credit card number and other personal details. After getting confirmation he blocked my credit card and I got confirmation SMS on my mobile.

Block Debit Card –

In order to block by debit card I visited SBI internet banking portal and clicked on “ATM card Services > Block ATM card” link.  The system has given the message that card blocked successfully.

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(3)    Reapply for credit card and debit card

The third step was to get a new credit card and debit card. Getting a new credit card was an easy job for me. I visited SBICard.com website. After login, I have placed a request for a duplicate from the listed options. I was charged Rs.250 for the new card.

For applying for the debit card I visited bank where they have given a form for reapplying for a debit card.  They asked a copy of FIR and verified that I am the owner of the account and reapplying for the new debit card. After the process was over they confirmed that debit card will be delivered to my Home address in one week time.

(4)    How to get Duplicate PAN card?

The next step for me was to apply for duplicate PAN card. In case of PAN card lost you have two methods for getting duplicate PAN card. You can apply for PAN card either online or offline. In order to apply for duplicate PAN card you must know Number of original PAN card. If you are not aware about your PAN card number you can check your old IT returns where you can find PAN card number. Another method is to visit Know your PAN section available on Income tax India website.

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You need to give your First Name, Last Name and date of birth to know your PAN card number.

know your PAN

Once you know your PAN card number you need to give request for Reprint of PAN card. You need to submit following documents along with your application.

  • Proof of Identity
  • Address proof
  • Date of birth proof
  • Two passport size photos
  • FIR copy

The fees applicable for the dispatch of PAN card within India is Rs.107 (Inclusive of service tax). For the PAN card dispatch outside India fee is Rs.994.

I have used an offline method to apply for PAN card as my credit card and debit card was lost and I was not in a position to make an online payment.

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Offline method PAN Card-

  • Download application form TIN NSDL website.
  • Take a printout and fill it up with Black Ink capital letters.
  • Signature across the photo and in verification section is mandatory.
  • Once you are done submit the application along with documents at nearest PAN card center.

I will be getting PAN card in next 15 to 20 days.

You can apply for PAN card using online method also. Follow the steps given below to apply PAN card using online method.

Online method PAN Card-

  • Fill up the form for the PAN card application online.
  • Make payment of PAN card fees online using a credit card/ debit card or net banking.
  • A Confirmation message will be displayed on screen mentioning acknowledgment number. Take a printout of acknowledgment affix passport size photograph.
  • Apply the signature wherever required and send this acknowledgment to NSDL.

(5)    How to get Duplicate Driving License?

The last step for me was to apply for a duplicate driving license. I visited local RTO office and applied for a duplicate license. The steps which I followed for duplicate driving license are –

  • Filling up L.L.D form. This form is for Intimation of loss or destruction of driving license.
  • Filling up self-declaration about physical fitness.
  • I paid Rs.200 for issuing a duplicate license.
  • Documents attached with my application was Address proof, FIR copy.

Lesson Learned –

Losing a wallet like this is an unfortunate event, I could learn following valuable lessons from this event.

  • Never keep any original or xerox identity documents issued by the government in your wallet.
  • Avoid keeping multiple debit cards or credit cards in your wallet.
  • Opt for Credit card protection plan.
  • Keep your wallet in a front pocket when you visit a public place.

Over to you –

Hope the tips and steps given above will help you. Did I miss anything? What steps you recommend in case someone lose his/her wallet? Do share your valuable knowledge and experience in the comment section.

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1 Comment

  1. Ketan says:

    My father had a traumatic experience when a worse thing happened to him about 4 years ago. He and my mother narrowly escaped when my brother’s car that my father was driving, burst into flames at a busy traffic junction in Mumbai. By the time the fire engines came through the peak hour rush, the car was reduced to a skeleton. Most of their clothes were burnt. But to make matters worse, his PAN card, driving licence, bank pass books and Passport too got burnt. He immediately filed an FIR at the adjoining police chowky just 50 metres away.

    The process of getting new documents issued was agonizing, as he had to visit multiple offices. At age 75, that can be too taxing. But by God’s grace, he did manage to get all his documents anew, though it did take a few months. Of course, had to buy some new clothes, in addition to some that I gave him from my collection.

    I can personally vouch for the usefulness of this article. I only wish it had come 4 years earlier 🙂 But let me make another point here:
    Make sure you scan as many of your documents as you can. My father has written a long mail to our relatives regarding this, after his experience. The first thing he did after this episode was to scan all his and our family’s important documents scanned and stored. I now have them stored on my laptop, external hard drive as well as online. It can save you a huge amount of energy, worry and hassle.

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