How to update KYC EPF UAN Online?


You can update your KYC information for EPF online using UAN EPFO portal. In order to update or change your KYC (Know your customer) detail on UAN EPFO portal, you require UAN (Universal Account Number) credential.  You can login to EPFO UAN portal and update your KYC by uploading necessary documents online.

These KYC details include PAN card number, Aadhaar card, and bank account details. If you have not yet updated these details on the EPFO portal you must do it now. KYC update in EPF gives following benefits.

  • The proper KYC document completed account does not face any delay during transfer or withdrawal of money.
  • If bank account details are not updated your claim may get rejected.
  • The EPF member will not get any SMS alert if KYC documents are not submitted.

Following documents are considered for KYC –
• National Population Register
• Permanent Account Number
• Bank Account Number
• Passport
• Driving License
• Election Card
• Ration Card

How to update KYC for EPF UAN Online?

Step 1 – Login to EPFO UAN portal – using UAN credential. In the Manage tab, you will find menu ‘KYC’ and Contact detail.

epf KYC

Step -2 – Select the KYC information you wish to update from the list.

Step-3 – Update the detail on portal.The status of KYC will be shown as pending until details are approved by the employer.

Step-4- Once your employer approves the changes status will be changed as “Approved by employer”. You will also receive SMS for the change.

Frequently asked questions –

Is it mandatory to update this KYC details?

No, it is not mandatory to update this KYC details. However, these details can help you in processing your claim faster. Not only that you can get a regular update on SMS if KYC details are updated.

Can I upload the document directly online?

It is necessary to certify these document using self-attestation. So, before scanning Xerox copy of this documents you must do self-attestation. In case of passport and driving license expiry date is important.

How much Time will it take to change approval status?

After uploading your employer has to approve the KYC. Your employer needs digital signature in order to authorize your KYC. It will take approximately 48-72 hours to change the approval status in the system. The information shall be verified from appropriate authorities by the system.

How do I know that KYC uploaded by me is approved by the employer?

The status will be shown against uploaded KYC document on the same page. The system will also trigger SMS on your register mobile number.

For more information you can contact –
Helpdesk Number: 1800 118 005
Helpdesk Email Id:

Conclusion –
The facility provided to update KYC on EPF UAN portal will bring multiple benefits to EPFO subscriber.

If you have not updated your details I recommend to update it now.

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  1. Amar says:

    I am not able to upload adhar card . i have uploaded incorrect number which is been approved in kyc. i have uplaoded teh UAN insted of aadhar . kindly suggest

    • Raviraj Parekh says:

      Dear Amar,

      You need to do it again by giving correct information.Once it is approved by your Employer it will be visible

  2. komal says:

    when I tried to link my adhar it shows name ,dob,gender are missing .plz tell me how can I update .employer’s acccountant told me to apply offline .I think he want to make money .plz tell me what should I do

  3. Litesh says:

    after getting KYC section I have filled the adhar-card details. showing dob miss match what a rubbish, my adhar is up to date holding 3 reliance JIO KYC also it is linked with bank and gas connection.

    • Raviraj Parekh says:

      Litesh, It seems to database problem in terms of date or month field. Request you to recheck your Aadhaar for DOB.

  4. Poovendan says:

    My employer is not approving my KYc details . Even follow up so many times. What shall i do for this.

    • Raviraj Parekh says:

      Dear Sir,

      Kindly contact EPF office with your Aaddhar card and other document. Put them request for linking Aadaar. By this your Aadhaar will be linked and KYC will be done.


    Dear Raviraj,

    There are 2 issues with my UAN,

    1) I’m not able to update my Aadhaar card in KYC section. It is showing as mismatch in the details however I’ve provided correct information.
    2) My previous employer is not approving my KYC details. It’s been 1 week and still the KYC is showing as pending confirmation so I’m assuming my previous employer has not approved them.

    Both UAN are from 2 different employer.

    Thank you,

    • Raviraj Parekh says:

      Dear Janardhan,

      First of all I request you to merge both UAN in to single UAN number.For mismatch in KYC section kindly check if your Aadhaar details are matching with other information.

      It takes 15 days to approve KYC details. If your employer is not approving KYC you can visit EPF office for linking Aadhaar to EPF. You can produce physical document Aadhaar card and complete your KYC.

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