5 New Unique Business Ideas for 2016

unique business ideas

Unique Business Ideas – Success of every startup depends upon a unique business idea. Today many young people strive to get a good business idea that will bring success to them. In order to help them, I am here with 5 New Unique Business Ideas.

These unique business ideas are taken from foreign countries. If you work on these unique business ideas, it will surely bring success to you. So, starting from sharing space to personalize gift here is 5 unique business ideas for 2016 from foreign countries.

5 New Unique Business Ideas for 2016 from foreign countries

Share the workspace

 The first unique business idea is earning money by sharing the space. You can share the workspace and related service for the entrepreneur, freelancers, startups and small businesses.

This idea is based on renting workspace and earning extra money. Wework is US based company which deals with physically building and sharing the workspace. They lease the work space based on facility and timing. They have a unique business model which can be replicated in India.

Business or Job – Building Pipeline or Hauling Bucket

Free Food

The second new unique business idea is related to food. In this idea, you need to do a tie-up with the multiple restaurants and office customer looking for healthy and tasty food. You need to place a website on which you will be accepting food order based on the survey filled by a customer. Along with food order, you need to deliver free sample food sponsored by the restaurant.

This will act as a win-win business model for everyone. Customer will get food in free. You will get business from customer and restaurants get publicity. Lunchspread is startup that offers this type of services at USA.

Bed rest service

This unique business idea is dedicated to all mothers expecting babies. You can help them to enjoy this beautiful phase of life, by providing services starting from pre-delivery to post delivery. These services include providing personal concierge at home, hospital preparation, baby name registration, baby shower, diaper delivery service etc.

This is upcoming concept and growing in the western country. Bed Rest Concierge successfully provides this type of services in US country.

5 Innovative online business ideas

Premade Kits

Today people are becoming lazy and they are ready to spend money for buying readymade things. You can take advantage of this by selling Premade Kits online. You can make kits for travel, personal care, health, baby, car, home, office etc. This will help people as they don’t miss any products and it will also help you and you can charge a premium to the customer.

This unique business idea can bring success to you. Minimus.biz is already offering this concept to customers.

Personalize Gift Store

You can help people in designing a personalized gift for various occasions. You can open gift store where people will able to purchase a personalized gift. This unique business idea is implemented by Thankster, where they provide facility to personalize greeting cards.

Which business idea you will adopt from above and why? Do share your favourite unique business idea in comments.

Article by Raviraj

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  1. Mohammed Bilal says:

    Mr. Raj,

    For restaurants, how do we set prices for the items. Can you provide your expertise please?

    • Dear Mohammed,

      Starting a restaurant is very good business.The price of item is depended on many factors.First you need to calculate how much each food item cost you.
      Once you are done with that place your reasonable margin and decide the price.Don’t forget to survey in nearby restaurant before deciding price.

  2. Raj says:

    Hai My name is Raj , I saw your business ideas which is quite interesting and inspiring. I need a suggestion or advice from you 1. My wife is very much interested in starting Baby care but we don’t have enough money but we have our home measuring 15 / 18 hall with attached bathroom it is located in 2 nd floor can we start in this place.
    2. I have little bit of cooking knowledge when ever I start cooking my wife, daughter and relatives start praising. I little bite scared to start because it is the matter of food if anything goes wrong during the party time. We will loose our name. Please advice us both.

    • Dear Raj, As per me you should start second option.Food Business its ever green business idea. You need to be confident about your cooking. Initially you can take small order and try.

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