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Do you think that your mutual fund portfolio is performing up to mark?  Are you struggling to build your mutual fund portfolio? If yes you are at right place, today I will share detail about 10 Best Mutual fund that gave outstanding returns in past. Adding these mutual funds in to your portfolio will surely prosper your portfolio.

It is very difficult to predict direction of stock market in current conditions, However we are here with few best mutual fund schemes of 2015. These mutual funds are selected purely on past performance basis. All these mutual funds are falling in high risk category. These 10 Best Mutual Funds can fetch very good return.

10 Best Mutual Funds 

Sundaram S.M.I.L.E Fund – Regular Plan (G)

Sundram SMILE Fund is open-ended growth mutual fund. Minimum investment amount in this fund is 5000 Rs/-. This fund makes investment in small and mid-cap equities.

Last 1 year return – 123%

Last 3 year return – 34.2%

Canara Robeco Emerging Equities (G)

Canara Robeco Emerging Equities is open-ended growth fund. Main objective of this fund is generating capital appreciation by making investment in mid-cap stocks.

Last 1 year return – 101%

Last 3 year return – 36%

DSP BlackRock Micro Cap Fund – Regular Plan (G) 

DSP BlackRock Micro Cap Fund – Regular Plan is open-ended diversified equity growth mutual fund. This mutual fund has proven track record of giving good return.

Last 1 year return – 108%

Last 3 year return – 37.22%

SBI Small & Midcap Fund (G) 

SBI Small & Midcap Fund is small cap and mid cap mutual fund. It is open-ended growth mutual fund with very good prospective. 

Last 1 year return – 104%

Last 3 year return -40.54%

Reliance Small Cap Fund (G) 

Reliance Small Cap fund is high risk mutual funds. This mutual fund primarily invests in small cap stocks. Exit load of this mutual fund is high 2%.

Last 1 year return – 97%

Last 3 year return -38%

L&T Equity Fund (G)

L&T Equity Fund invests in blue chip stocks. L&T Equity fund is open-ended growth fund. This diversified fund falls in average performance category.

Last 1 year return – 56%

Last 3 year return -22%

JM Equity Fund (G) 

JM Equity fund is open-ended growth fund. Minimum investment amount applicable under this scheme is 5000 Rs/-. Exit load applicable is 1%. 

Last 1 year return – 51%

Last 3 year return -18%

JPMorgan India Equity Fund (G) 

JPMorgan India Equity Mutual fund is diversified mutual fund largely making investment in large cap stocks. This mutual funds fall under average return category.

Last 1 year return – 51.9%

Last 3 year return -21.9%

L&T India Large Cap Fund (G)

L&T India Large Cap fund is well diversified large cap fund. This mutual fund is open-ended growth fund.

Last 1 year return – 50.8%

Last 3 year return -20.8%

UTI Mastershare (D) 

UTI Mastershare is dividend fund. This mutual fund makes investment in equities, convertible debentures & bonds. Majority of investment done by this scheme is in Large cap equities.

Last 1 year return – 49.3%

Last 3 year return -20.9%

best mutual fund

For Mutual fund investment you should select systematic investment planning route. You must avoid the lump sum and one time route unless until it is used for the systematic transfer plan

Also ensure to adopt systematic withdrawal plan while redeeming mutual funds. It is not advisable to pull out all your money in one go. 

Disclaimer: Mutual Fund Investments are subject to market risks. Please read the Scheme Information Documents and Statement of Additional Information (SID & SAI) carefully before investing.

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  1. JAYDEEP says:


    I am 25 years old, will complete 26th in coming August.
    I am currently investing in 4 mutual funds through SIP,2 open-ended equities and 2 ELSS.
    Just started one month back.

    1.Mirae asset emerging bluechip fund(G) – 2000 Rs. per month
    2.ICICI prudential value discovery fund(G) – 2000 Rs. per month
    3.Axis Long term equity fund(G) – 2000 Rs. per month
    4.Reliance tax saver (ELSS) fund (G) – 2000 Rs. per month

    I want to invest 3000 per month in one more open ended equity fund for 3 years only.
    Can you suggest something for me?
    Are my current investments are worthy?

  2. Dr.Narendra Kumar Sharma says:

    I have been investing in MFs through SIP since 2011. The schemes are as follows:

    1.BIRA SL FRONTLINE EQ RS.1000/- pm
    2.DSP BR TOP 100 1000 ” ”
    3 ICICI PRU DISCOVERY 1000 ” “+3500(SINCE 2013)
    4 HDFC TOP 200 2000 ” ”
    5 HDFC PRUDENCE 2000 ”
    6 FRANKLIN TEMPL BC 1000 ”
    7 MIRAE OPP BC 1000″
    8 IDFC PREM EQ 3500″ ”
    9 RELIANCE EQ OPP. 6500 ” ”
    10 REL GOLD 2000 ” ”
    11 SBI BC 3500″ ”
    12 SUNDARAM SEL MIDCAP 1000 ” ”

    sir now I want to make this short one. I have decided Rs.5000/- pm for the following
    schemes,though it is little more riskier yet it looks lucrative ?rewarding. Large Caps are not performing well and Balanced and Debt Funds are not rewarding at all. What is your valuable opinion about the following funds:-

    Other three or four that come in mind are as follows-
    SIR what would you suggest? Please note monthly investment is 30000K and in no
    condition the number of funds should exceed 5, maximum 6. Horizon is for more than 15yrs.
    Kindly also tell how to track and what optimum time to change,stop or switch. Thanking you in anticipation.

    Dr.Narendra Kumar Sharma

  3. Rohit says:


    Needed your suggestion on my current MF portfolio and future plan:

    Current- Total Rs 10,000 monthly

    1) HDFC Top 200- Rs 2500
    2) HDFC Prudence- Rs 2500
    3) HDFC Balanced- Rs 2500
    4) IDFC Premier Equity A- Rs 2500

    Going forward- plan is to invest Rs 25,000 monthly. Investment horizon atleast 20 years- I am 34 now.

    a) Are the above MFs ok? HDFC Top 200 has been a laggard- should I continue or stay invested?

    b) I understand I am invested in two balanced funds- hdfc prudence and hdfc balanced- should I exit one or continue investing in both? Should I increase my contri?

    c) If I look at HDFC Top 200, balanced and prudence- am I right to say that I am overinvested in large caps ( ignoring the debt allocations of large caps) and trying to overheadge myself? I am 34 years now

    d) I like HDFC stable- moreover I am an NRI and already created HDFC Direct account- so easier to open a new SIP through HDFC- am I being foolish by investing only in HDFC AMC?

    e) I am planning to invest additional Rs 15,000 per month in SIPs and I am building a retirement corpus. Would adding more large cap and mid cap fund be good? my plans are as follows:

    Additional Rs 15,000 SIP monthly

    1) HDFC Midcap- Rs 2500
    2) Sundaram Select Midecap- Rs 5000
    3) Franklin bluechip- Rs 2500
    4) Any others (including increasing SIPs in exisiting MFs….would like to add varied and
    MFs which divrsify my porotfolio and gives aggressive returns….)- Rs 5000
    5) For debt- I am looking at PPF + NRE fixed deposits 1-2 years (both tax free)- should I consider liquid/ short term debt mfs?


    • Dear Rohit,

      Mutual Funds selected by you are OK however I feel that you should continue HDFC Prudence and HDFC Top 200. You can stop further investment in HDFC balance fund.Start Investing in Franklin Bluechip Fund. Apart from Mutual funds you should invest in equity also.For the short term, I suggest investing in Fixed Deposit.

  4. amit says:

    pls also suggest good mutual fund for elss tax panning purpose

  5. Rahul says:

    sir, i m student and please tell me pnb fd plan best for me or not.i mean what is benifit for this.

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